Where health is the destination, wellness is the journey.

For hundreds of years, people have been searching for a fountain of youth.   In today’s society, there is an obsession to maintain a youthful glow. From creams to injections to surgery, women (and men!) are always seeking the latest and greatest to keep them looking young. Did you know that what you eat and drink is just as important (and maybe more important!) as what you do on the outside? Check out this list of foods that age you!

  1. Sugar: Sugar causes the body to become inflamed causing skin to look old and wrinkled; additionally, too much sugar in the body attaches itself to collagen, which leaves the skin stiff and inflexible.
  1. Trans fat: A diet with excess trans fat clogs and stiffens arteries and smaller blood vessels, making the skin look stiff and inflexible.
  1. Salt: Salt dehydrates the body, leaving you looking tired and worn out.
  1. Carbohydrates: Eating too many carbohydrates can damage the collagen and fibers in your skin, leaving your skin looking stiff and inflexible.
  1. Alcohol: Consuming too much alcohol dehydrates your body and results in redness, puffiness, loss of collagen and wrinkles.
  1. Caffeine: Coffee, soda and other caffeinated beverages dehydrate your body, leaving you looking tired and worn out.
  1. Energy drinks: Energy drinks cause eight times as much damage as soda does to your teeth, leaving them looking yellow and unhealthy.
  1. Fried foods: Fried foods contribute to collagen breaking down in the skin, making it wrinkled and worn out.
  1. Artificial sweeteners – There are over 92 side affects associated with consuming aspartame, including joint pain and headaches; additionally, artificial sweeteners make you crave sweets.


Try to enjoy these foods and drinks in moderation. A diet too high in any of these will make you look older than you are!