Eat To Be Well Cleanse

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Are you ready to drop those last few pounds and energize yourself?


My 2-week Eat to be Well Cleanse is a short-term program designed to eliminate foods that may be causing inflammation in your body and introduce foods that will increase your energy. This cleanse is full of whole foods that are healthy and detoxifying. It will rid your body of the toxins and waste that have built up in our bodies over time. By releasing the toxins and waste, we allow the body to reboot and recharge!

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Not sure if you need a cleanse? A cleanse will help you if…

  • You are constantly tired, can’t seem to get enough sleep and rely on caffeine to get you through the afternoon.
  • You have a few extra pounds around your waistline and they won’t go away no matter what you do.
  • You have brain fog and have trouble focusing.
  • You crave sweets and they often help get you through the day.
  • The bags under your eyes won’t go away no matter how much sleep you get.
  • You are experiencing digestion issues or constipation.

What can you expect from the Eat to be Well Cleanse?

  • You’ll feel lighter and will likely see the numbers on the scale drop
  • Break free from your unhealthy eating cycles – overindulging, failing at the latest fad diet and depriving yourself
  • Increased energy level throughout the day
  • Learn which foods fuel your body and which leave you tired and lethargic
  • Eliminate cravings for sweets, salty foods, carbohydrates and caffeine
  • Release the toxins that cause inflammation which lead to troubled digestion, sleeping issues, and headaches
  • Boost your immune system

What’s included in the Eat to be Well Cleanse?

  • A shopping list so you know exactly what you can eat and what you need to skip
  • Recipe suggestions
  • Supplement recommendations that will aid in your cleanse
  • Four group recorded coaching calls
  • Regular email support
  • Sustainable plan moving forward
  • Access to private Facebook group

“The Eat to be Well program really clicked for me in a way other cleanses haven’t. “

I’ve been a pretty clean eater over the last several years, but noticed processed food slipping into my diet here and there until one day I noticed my clean eating wasn’t so clean anymore.  I also somehow managed to become a serious coffee abuser. Through the first ten days of the Eat to be Well program, I noticed my belly was flatter and thighs and waist were slimmer.  Also seem to be more at ease with life.  Not doing a bunch of supplements or prepackaged shakes was great.  The calls were helpful and informative and having the option to listen to the replay was a nice bonus.  Thanks, Kellie, for putting me back on the clean eating path!

Lisa – Georgia

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Common questions from past Eat to be Well Cleanse participants:


What is a cleanse?

Cleansing is simply the process of toxins and built up waste being eliminated from your body.  It’s a way to recharge, rejuvenate and renew by clearing out all the tubes and pipes.   Our bodies are overworked from the toxic and chemical nature of today’s world. We are constantly exposed to toxic substances– in the air we breathe, the food we eat and water we drink, and through the personal and household items we use daily. Toxins build up in our bodies, and our detoxifying organs get overworked, sluggish, and clogged.

It jump-starts your body for a more active and healthier life.


Will I be hungry?

No, there is no reason to be hungry on this cleanse. Plus, there are plenty of options to snack on between meals.


Are there any side effects?

The side effects of this cleanse will vary from one person to the next. Many people go through this program and have no side effects, they only feel their energy increase.   Others may experience headaches or tiredness as their bodies work on eliminating toxins.


Can I workout during the cleanse?

Yes, please work out during the program. Exercise can actually help enhance the cleanse. When you work out, you’re naturally working with your detox channels—deep breathing helps expel toxins through the lungs, you sweat out toxins through your skin, you’re stimulating the colon, and you’re activating toxin release through your lymphatic system. Part of the cleanse experience is introspection, so see how your body responds. If your energy just isn’t up to par, cut your workouts in half.


Can I have protein bars?

A lot of protein bars are really candy bars in disguise. If you’re not in a position to eat whole food or need a pick-me-up during a busy day, grab a bar with less than 5-6 ingredients. Protein bars are discussed during the cleanse and a list of “cleaner” protein bars is provided.


If I have a known medical condition, is this cleanse safe for me?

While this program is based on eating only whole foods, it is still advised that you consult your physician before beginning this or any program. Note: It is recommended to consult your physician before beginning any new eating or exercise program. This is a clean eating program designed to teach you the difference between foods that fuel you and foods that cause inflammation. The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. This is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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