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“Working with Kellie was such a pleasure!”

When I first started working with Kellie one-on-one, I was transitioning into a full time vegetarian and the stress of trying to create a balanced diet actually caused me to fall out of love with food and I lost interest in cooking, one of my favorite things to do. Through our weekly calls and Kellie’s suggestions, I got back to cooking, learned to love food again, regained my energy and my workouts got stronger.  After working with Kellie, I am completely prepared to live a fully balanced life!

Sondra – New York


“Love the new clean eating ideas I’ve learned!”

When I first signed up for the Eat to be Well program, I was really struggling with sugar cravings. In less than two weeks, my sugar cravings have substantially subsided, I’m sleeping better and I have new knowledge of how to add vegetables and fruits easily to my daily intake.

Alisa – Florida


“The Eat to be Well program is great – I highly recommend!! “

I realized I needed to break up with sugar so I signed up for Highland Drive Coaching’s Eat to be Well 2-week cleanse. This program helped me get my sugar cravings under control, improved my sleep and helped me lose some unwanted pounds. I’m excited about the changes I’ve seen so far and I want to continue eating clean!

Kelley – Georgia


“Working with Kellie is one of the best investments I’ve made in myself!”

When I signed up for HDC’s Eat to be Well 2-week program, I was stuck in a nutritional rut, bored with my usual recipes for clean foods and couldn’t get back on track with my healthy lifestyle. After just a week, my energy was through the roof and my mood was drastically enhanced. This cleanse was just the boost I needed!

Kimberly – Florida


“The Eat to be Well program really clicked for me in a way other cleanses haven’t. “

I’ve been a pretty clean eater over the last several years, but noticed processed food slipping into my diet here and there until one day I noticed my clean eating wasn’t so clean anymore.  I also somehow managed to become a serious coffee abuser. Through the first ten days of the Eat to be Well program, I noticed my belly was flatter and thighs and waist were slimmer.  Also seem to be more at ease with life.  Not doing a bunch of supplements or prepackaged shakes was great.  The calls were helpful and informative and having the option to listen to the replay was a nice bonus.  Thanks, Kellie, for putting me back on the clean eating path!

Lisa – Georgia