Aug 27 2015

Have you ever tried turmeric? If you’ve had an Indian curry or yellow ballpark mustard, chances are that you have! But here are a couple of reasons why you should add it to your diet every day!

Turmeric, a spice native of southwest India, is a relative of ginger and similarly has a tough brown skin with deep orange flesh. It is a powerful medicine that has been used for thousands of years in Indian and Chinese medicine treating a wide variety of conditions. Curcumin, the compound that gives turmeric its bright color, is a known anti-inflammatory and is responsible for many of the health benefits associated with the spice.

Numerous studies have shown that turmeric appears to outperform many pharmaceuticals in the prevention and alleviation of several chronic, debilitating diseases, including Alzheimer’s, arthritis and cancer. Additionally, turmeric has shown it can tame heartburn and an upset stomach, likely due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Putting turmeric to work in your life

For years, I have suffered from tennis elbow, which continues to be aggravated by using my i-Pad, sleeping with my arm curled up under me and of course, playing tennis. I’ve attempted to treat it with physical therapy and acupuncture but it never seemed to completely go away. I started taking a turmeric supplement and including the ground spice into many of the dishes I prepared at home. The improvement I’ve had in my elbow has been incredible and I have been able to eliminate my daily use of ibuprofen.

How can you add it to your diet?

  • Tablet form – available at most drug stores
  • Turmeric tea – add one teaspoon of ground turmeric to 3+ cups boiling water; allow tea to simmer for 10 minutes; add honey or lemon to taste
  • Curried dishes – at home or in restaurants
  • Green smoothies
  • Sprinkled over Greek yogurt and fruit

Have you tried turmeric?  What were you results?  Please be sure to let me know!